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Hiking Pestera

A sustainable and eco tour: Hiking Pestera

We would like to invite you to discover the beautiful and amazing landscapes in Romania. Areas where time has stopped. Places that have barely been touched by technology. Sounds interesting? Then our one day Hiking Pestera Trip is ideal for you.

Pestera is a Mountain Village in the heart of Transylvania. It is a fine example of rural life where the magic of old times blends with fairytale landscapes. This day trip will take you around the village, which is one of the most popular hiking destination in Romania. It’s got breathtaking, panoramic views and great hiking trails. It’s a traditional mountain village which will impress you.

Why is Hiking Pestera suitable for you?

Hiking PesteraThis day trip is suitable for you if you love spending time in nature. It’s also great for families with children, because the paths and trails are rather wide and not very steep. In Pestera, there is also a cave called “The Bat’s Cave”, home for multiple species of bats. There is no entrance fee for this cave; however, only the brave shall enter. The visit to the cave is optional.

What about the food?

If you’re wondering how traditional, rural food tastes like, this Hiking Pestera Day Trip can certainly answer your question. There are a few local restaurants that serve traditional meals. Also, optionally, there is the possibility to have a nice lunch prepared by one of the locals. Although the menu is not as complex as in a Michelin Star Hotel, the taste will most certainly seduce you.

Are you in for Hiking Pestera?

Bring your friends, closest ones and extended family and get the most our of your trip to Pestera. Admire the spectacular landscapes over the Piatra Craiului Massif and Bucegi Mountains. Spend time in this pitoresque village, and live to tell the tale. See the locals take time to laugh, or just stop on the road to greet you. Hiking Pestera is a trip you’ll never forget. It may be even possible to not want to leave! Worry not, you can always come back. Nature awaits everyone who is genuine and humble enough to greet her.

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